HR risk management


HR Compliance


HR quality management

Internal or external performance of HR services needs to be evaluated and decided on individually regarding cost, compliance and quality aspects in the course of the definition of HR strategy. A skillful sourcing mix facilitates high quality and the best cost efficiency. We support the development and establishment of an optimal sourcing mix.
Selection of HR IT systems – here you should not rely on buzzwords on websites or marketing brochures. A detailed analysis of the functions, data structures and security aspects as well as the integration possibilities into existing infrastructures are relevant decision criteria when selecting a software. We support you from describing the requirements and the selection of possible products until the contract negotiation.
HR Souring Advisory – feasibility analysis shows how to make a make or buy decision in a quantitative and qualitative manner. Services of the HR function continually need the company’s decision whether to fulfill a service on their own or to buy it externally. By analyzing the design possibilities and external providers regarding various criteria, like organizational data and contract data, scope and quality of service, as well as implementation and operation, we count and justify the best solution up to HR outsourcing. Especially the selection of payroll providers requires experiences and expertise, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Feasibility and implementation analysis, People Development as a Service – feasibility and implementation analysis show how to decide between make and buy for people development, in a quantitative and qualitative manner. Development for leadership and employees is one of the most important, company specific and budget intensive core competency of HR functions. Likewise, there are huge advantages regarding costs due to modern and professional people development. We analyze possibilities and demands and show you varieties of solutions – from building people development completely on your own, to punctual optimization, up to buying high performance people development as a service.
Feasibility and implementation analysis, HR Controlling as a Service – feasibility and implementation analysis show how to decide between make and buy for controlling, in a quantitative and qualitative manner. HR controlling’s task is to analyze the internal personnel situation and to compare these with external examples, in order to identify potential for optimization. Often, only huge companies invest in this important work by employing the rare and qualified personnel controller full-time. We analyze your as is situation like demands and show you a variety of solutions for intelligent HR controlling with a transparent and reliable data basis as well as concise analysis reports – from building up HR controlling completely on your own, to implementing new and high performing software solutions, up to buying professional HR Controlling as a service.