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In the course of industry 4.0, digitalization increases in all sectors. Currently, organizations increasingly see the need of examining their own position regarding digitalization and developing options of action. Thereby one trend direction is clear, the movement towards cloud-based solutions. Following this, an implementation of HR software mostly leads to an implementation into a cloud. Therefore, HR becomes a pioneer of digitalization within the company. Further, new applications aim to integrate all employees and leaders in the process. Therefore, all companies are directly involved. When deciding on the own digital readiness, there is the need of analyzing structurally, which topics (dimensions) are sufficiently mature for HR digitalization and where there is still need of action before or while implementing new technology.

The status of HR digitalization can be surveyed by using ten dimensions and their subcategories.

Quick Test “Assessment HR Digitalization” – Our anonymous quick test HR digitalization assessment allows a free and immediate assessment of the level of maturity of the HR’s digitalization. Additionally, the outcomes will be compared to other participating organizations, in order to facilitate an even more accurate status assessment.

Extensive analysis of the HR digitalization – In the sense of digital transformation it is especially important to include the company’s specific and individual context. We support you in analyzing the status quo of the HR’s digitalization and derive recommendations for action. Further, we help you in developing and implementing a HR digitalization strategy.