HR Trend analysis


HR Cost allocation


HR Communication

A Händel fan needs the register of the same name, an economist needs the Wöhe and following to this, a HR specialist needs a service catalogue.
The HR services, which are relevant for a company are described firmly in this service catalogue. There are presented the HR services which are provided from the HR function in detail.
Definition service catalogue – the efficiency of the HR function is defined through the offered services. But, what does the organization and the leadership team of HR really need? How is it possible to support both in the best way? WAHLER Human Resources helps you with a 360° assessment to assess challenges and the current and desired quality and following from this, to create an adequate service catalogue considering trend analysis and the HR strategy. Subsequently, this service needs to be communicated and embedded. In this, we also support you through our organizational development.
Regulation of Service Level Agreements – Service Level Agreements define the quality of the desired performance from the internal or external service provider. However, deliveries of time and quality should be specified by the client. We support you in defining relevant, measurable and useful Service Levels and creating management instruments.
Sourcing Advisory – the delivery of HR services, which are defined in the service catalogue, needs to be evaluated and decided on individually based on costs and quality aspects. An efficient sourcing mix facilitates highest quality and best cost efficiency. We support in developing and establishing an optimal sourcing mix. Feasibility analysis show quantitatively and qualitatively how a make or buy decision should look like. Companies regularly need to decide whether they are able to facilitate services of the HR function on their own, or if they should be delivered by external partners. By analyzing design possibilities and external providers on the basis of criteria like company and contract data, scope of service, service quality as well as implementation and operation, we measure and justify the best solution up to HR Outsourcing.