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The right employee, to the right time, with the right qualification, at the right place – today, that is not natural anymore, it is the core task of the HR department, with complicated general conditions like low-birth year groups and general skills shortage. In order to use existing employee potential in the right way and to develop employees’ goal-oriented, we support this strategic core task – the development of the organization. Subject of change regarding organizational development are not only technical and organizational structures and operations, but also interpersonal communication and behavior patterns, as well as predominant norms, values and structures in the organization.
Basically, you can divide between organization internal and external reasons for changes:
Examples for organization internal changes:
– Optimization of workflows, especially the loss of information at interfaces
– Expedient realignment of structures within teams
– Optimization of the working world through a higher identification self-realization
– Increasing flexibility, change willingness and innovation capability

Examples for organization external changes:
– Technological changes
– New competition
– Changes in the market balance
Communication and change management – we design lean and viable change processes up to adapting organizational structures. Our offer includes e.g. analysis of the organization, business model development and innovation consulting.
Leadership and people development – we design tailor-made training catalogues and support HR managers in qualifying and developing their employees and leaders. We offer amongst others leadership programs, systemic coaching and decision management.
Team development and team coaching – build teams out of groups and help establishing common goals, tasks and functioning. Our offer includes team events, conflict moderation, consulting agile teams and more.
Coaching and supervision – we offer people with leadership responsibility and teams a save room for reflection and feedback. Amongst others we offer one on one coaching, support in collegial advice and individual process consulting.