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Organizational development

The useful design of HR roles is not an easy task. Good HR roles give HR employees orientation and increase the transparency of the actual performance. We help in designing customer-oriented HR roles.
Career models – the trend of establishing low hierarchies was related with the wish of adaptable structures. A vast of companies removed whole hierarchy and leadership levels. In times of skills shortage, the question arises how to motivate and commit employees to the company through innovative career plans. Together with you we develop a HR role model, which is embedded into the career model while containing a trainings concept for the development levels. In addition to the implementation a knowledge management concept is being used.
Controlling role descriptions – descriptions of functions barely map the daily tasks. This condition is very unfortunate since function descriptions should be in line with the HR portfolio, the career model and the daily work, in order to present an excellent instrument for controlling. We check the descriptions of the HR roles regarding their interconnections with the portfolio elements of the HR function and suggest measures for integration. This way, an overview is generated, which shows the connection of roles descriptions in the company and hierarchy levels as well as the connection with guidelines. Accordingly, a development catalogue for people development can be derived.
Operationalized HR Business Partner Model – the theoretic fundamental model of Dave Ulrich can’t be implemented without company specific interpretation and design. Therefore, we translate the fundamental concept into an operative model which supports the changes towards a business partner in the daily business in order to establish the idea of a three-pillar model functionally.