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The current framework conditions are consistently driving digitization forward. This is often a challenge, especially for personnel organization. But also for the HR department it is an essential task to think more about the digitization of processes. For Human Resources (HR), this means switching from paper-based processes to digital processes, such as application for leave or sick note for example. This requires a targeted and sustainable selection of HR software.

But how can you find the right HR software for you and the needs of your company among hundreds of HR applications?

The decision to digitize HR sounds simple in theory at first, and in practice it is often immediately planned which processes can be mapped in which new tools or how existing tools can be used even better.

Unfortunately, that’s where the challenges often only begin. It is no longer just a question of clarifying the operational questions, but also of the strategic orientation: Should the future HR software be as integrated as possible or are various special applications better suited for different processes? Should the software be operated in-house or in the cloud?

The most important question that is often lost sight of is above all the question of the benefits and added value of a new HR software solution. How can the new HR software solution support the company and HR strategy? What are the short, medium and long-term advantages of a new HR software solution for the company, managers, employees, the works council and the personnel organization?

The compass of HR software selection in the system jungle is a proven and structured approach

Kompass der HR-Softwareauswahl

Only after the strategic issues have been clarified and the strategic priorities of the personnel organization have been documented, the requirements for future personnel work and also the personnel organization and the personnel processes should be derived. Based on these considerations, it is advisable to develop a target image together with all relevant stakeholders. This usually already includes technical aspects and functionalities. But who in the company knows what the new software you are looking for can or should look like? Due to the large number of potentially suitable systems and their rapid further development, it is almost impossible to answer the essential questions about the company-specific target image and alternatives on your own. Selective external support in this process can save a lot of time and money and avoid frustration in your own organization. Finding the right tool from hundreds of offers cannot be comprehensively achieved through Internet research alone, because the essentials are not on the providers’ websites. Especially through qualified workshops with the providers and the most structured and an objective assessment by the technical experts, things can be identified that are essential but not obvious.

We at WAHLER HR, through many years of experience and our special consulting approach, can make a significant contribution to the objective and fast selection of the suitable HR software application and provide targeted support during implementation. In particular, the development of the internal organization, due to the new digital processes, self-services for employees and managers and the associated change in the tasks that the HR department experiences, is an essential task. Good communication and a corresponding organizational development lead to significantly increased acceptance and thus in the long term to an optimized return on investment for the company.