HR Risk management


HR Quality management

HR compliance contains the written fixed regulatory framework for the HR function, in the sense of laws, regulations, liability risks and guidelines. Especially he practical establishment of a compliance structure needs a holistic understanding of control mechanisms, which can be implemented through processes and IT.
HR Compliance Assessment – structures are built easily, however, a compliance culture with leaders and employees, who know and actively live risks and specifications, are barely existing. We examine guidelines and specifications of the HR function regarding the company specific adequacy and the practical design for the internal customer. GAP analysis and measure cards show a detailed way towards an efficient compliance culture.
HR authorization concept – A holistic authorization concept is used as a connection between roles, processes and IT systems, in order to create fast and flexible work ability. Adequately designed, authorization concepts can be powerful instruments of the control systems. We analyze process documentations, function descriptions and IT user rights and develop a flexible authorization concept, which needs minimal maintenance effort in the future.
HR control system design, assessment and implementation – A professional internal control system is more than just a legal requirement. An adequate HR control system supports the establishment of efficient and transparent processes. We accompany the implementation of a control system, which prevents mistakes and consequential costs, while ensuring risk oriented process optimization.