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The importance of HR communication increases rapidly. However, a lot of companies do not invest in strategic HR communication yet. Besides retention and motivation of employees, companies focus on their reputation as employers and on recruiting, but also on the communication of change or business processes as well as information transfer in general.
Stakeholder management – stakeholder management means managing the communication processes in that way, that requirements of all relevant groups or people in the organization are fulfilled and that problems can be solved together. By supporting stakeholders actively, the possibility of implementing projects and topics successfully, increases. The knowledge about requirements and expectations of stakeholders is a good basis for understanding stakeholder targets and communication level. The requirements and expectations are identified, analyzed and documented with the help of a communication management plan, which is, for example a partial plan of the project management plan. Additionally, the possibilities of cooperation of the people can be improved in this way and disruption can be limited. The project lead or rather the project management, normally oversees the stakeholder management.
Communication strategy and concept – the communication strategy regulates the whole organizational communication on the superior level – it defines, why and with whom a dialogue should be held. On the basis of an extensive stakeholder analysis, details for conception and realization of the individual communication instruments and tools are defined and prioritized. These will be captured in a communication management plan.
Communication plan – Especially the adequate, in time and right communication is important for the success of projects and themes. Who doesn’t feel sufficiently informed can quickly become an opponent of projects, the project lead or themes. Conflicts are predestined. By using a communication plan, you develop an overview, which tells you which stakeholders need and can be informed by using which media.
Stakeholders can be: client, steering group, project lead, project member, project supporter, division manager, department manager, works council, workforce, customers, suppliers, governmental agencies, employees from different projects.
Communication medium can be: conference, steering group, project meeting, department meeting, department manager meeting, works meeting, personnel talk, project report, file note, email, press. We develop an adequate communication management plan for your HR topics and projects, together with you.