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Organizational development

The HR governance is the documentation of a systematic management approach for reaching strategic and operative targets of the HR function faster and more efficient. HR governance regulates especially committee work and establishes clear leadership structure in the HR function. We support in establishing clear responsibilities and viable structures.
Strategy concept 2020 – a documented strategy is the first step to reach targets. We develop a custom-fit, viable and sustainable strategy for the HR department and a holistic HR vision by operationalizing the organizational strategy to strategic fields of action, organization, roles, instruments and processes up to HR IT systems.
HR governance 2020 – a good HR governance has two main goals: growth of the corporate value and reduction of risks. We establish an intelligent HR governance, which facilitates useful leadership and management of the HR department, assures awareness of consequences of the corporate management’s action and provides a sustainable contribution to increase the HR expertise in the management.
HR assessment – HR assessments can constitute the expectations of customers and the performance capability of the HR department transparently. We check the company specific adequacy of the HR function, analyze the strategy, the organization, the instruments and the administration and further present the performance capability and expectation of the customer in the as is and to be situation. GAP analysis and measure cards show the path to the target with the help of an implementation plan. We provide the assessment of the HR function, customer, external comparative figures and our expert opinion.
HR for management body – current HR topics underly massive changing trends, their impact is complex, diverse interconnected, partly paradox. We show corporate management, how existential, strategic and future relevant HR topics are for the company, we show impacts of action and not acting and sensitize the management body for relevant HR topics with inspiring specialist lectures from selected experts.
Coaching HR management – targeted exchange with specialist is inspiring for every HR management and creates new ideas. Barely any other company function is in depth and width exposed to such a huge topic complexity like the HR function. Mastering this variety of topics goal-oriented, is not easy. We offer experienced sparring partner, who take the border view, question critically and develop ideas for solutions on eye level.