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The transformation of HR strategy, personnel services, processes, HR IT systems, HR roles and especially the right use of HR employees leads to an efficient HR business model. We support you in designing an individual HR business model.
A viable HR business model requires three main components:
Value proposition: a HR business model describes, which values leaders and employees of a company can expect from HR. This part of the HR business model is called value proposition. It answers the questions, which benefit and value HR is providing for leaders, employees and the whole company.
Architecture of the value creation: The HR business model is also the architecture of the value creation, viz. how benefit is created for leaders and employees. This architecture includes a description of different steps of the value creation and of the different roles within the value creation. It answers the question: How and in which configuration is the service created? Which services are offered for which user groups?
Cost model: Besides the what and how, the business model further describes, which added value is generated for the company from the HR services. Future costs of HR functions decide upon the value of the HR business model and therefore its sustainability. The question, how costs are generated, is answered. This part of the business model is called cost model. It is divided into efficiency and cost model.
HR business model 2020 – How do companies develop, how do markets and customer requests change? Does the HR strategy support reaching the organizational strategy, or does it have to be expanded and completed? Together we develop the future HR business model and show development steps in order to use available resources efficiently or to check the availability of the right resources.
HR shared service center & HR organizational design – shared service center can save costs while improving the quality of products. Investing in these structures needs to be profitable, therefore we analyze the feasibility of HR shared service organizations and develop their design and implementation. We further develop and implement the future-oriented HR organization.
HR SSC assessment – most shared service center organization know little about their own performance. But this knowledge is very important regarding its management. We examine the whole HR SSC organization regarding its company specific adequacy and identify positive and negative aspects of the HR SSC organization. By using a measure plan, we establish management possibilities, in order to increase cost and performance transparency.