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Efficient personnel administration requires optimized HR processes. Avoiding interfaces and optimizing the entire process chain are crucial. Ideally, user-friendly HR self-service scenarios support the maintenance of master data. Consistent documentation and avoidance of redundant data storage support the required quality management. We support implementation for such process requirements.

Integrated HR process model 2020 – processes provide the basis for achieving work results at a constantly equivalent level. In order to increase the quality, a process model should be established that shows the processes in several levels of detail and the interfaces between the processes. We support the creation of an integrated HR process model.

HR process optimization – thinking in processes and continuous optimization of HR processes as the basis for effective further development of daily work is an indispensable part of modern personnel functions. To anchor the optimized HR processes, they have to be integrated into day-to-day business. New HR systems integrate the process flows in the system and control the workflows directly. We show how and where processes can be optimized.

HR process manual – process documentation is a time-consuming activity. To ensure that the documentation is used actively and on a daily basis, HR processes should be summarized in a manual that contains process documentation, forms for certificates, contracts and letters as well as checklists and other documents as templates. We help to holistically document processes and make them usable for daily work.