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There are numerous key figures in personnel management, the steering potential of which has not yet been exploited. HR indicators are often hardly collected. The interpretation usually does not lead to the derivation of measures. HR indicators are highly relevant to management and offer companies a past, present and future-related opportunity to create transparency. We establish HR indicators.

Implementation of process indicators – control of efficiency is based on indicators in the HR processes. These can monitor an entire process or sub-segments and their performance. From the individual key figures, we develop a cockpit that enables monitoring through a transparent image.

HR KPI Manual – KPIs are often not defined company-wide and are therefore inconsistent. A key figure handbook, similar to the one in the finance area, should define and document all HR key figures in a binding manner. We support the targeted further development of HR controlling.

HR Management Reporting – Internal HR reporting is the most important source of information for HR and management to derive HR measures. We develop and specify individual HR management reports to control the HR function.

HR Intelligence – More than “just” controlling; an HR intelligence system analyzes and interprets key figures and establishes measures to control the company regarding employees. These measures must take into account the corporate strategy and the HR functional strategy in order to be appropriate. We implement a powerful HR intelligence system.