Digital Natives – What HR should know about generation y

What is important to young people today when choosing a career, what interests and needs do they have and what motivates them? The often unknown requirements of Generation Y on their training companies often unsettle the established decision-makers in companies and organizations.

This volume gives HR and recruiting managers a deeper insight into the current realities, interests, attitudes and habits of digital natives (Generation Y) and thus offers them more decision-making bases for the design of their concepts and processes.

The editors and authors concentrate on the living environments of the young people born between 1993 and 1999. A particular emphasis is placed on young people who are aiming for a simple or medium-level education, because they represent the central target group of personnel marketing for those who are particularly critical in the commercial and technical training professions from the point of view of recruiting young people.

The articles were written by experts from science, companies and youth work and are aimed primarily at practitioners in companies.

The content

  • Chimaera or real phenomenon? HR and digital natives
  • Digital natives and their living environments: youth cultures, real and virtual networks
  • Digital natives at the transition from school to work: performance, motives and maturity
  • The meaning of gender: interests, attitudes, social behavior, performance etc. of boys and girls
  • Promotion of specific target groups: social skills, migration and career entry as a second chance
  • Digital natives and new media: usage behavior and recruitment opportunities

Publisher: Springer Gabler Verlag, Wiesbaden 2013